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About us

“AMF –International Flower Delivery Network” multi­product company

More than 5,000 specialists across the whole world are engaged in creation & delivery of flower bouquets & arrangements along with other flower gifts (like wedding bouquets, flower sculptures etc) each & every day for 20 years now.

The main principle of “AMF – International Flower Delivery Network” is 100 % similarity of the delivered bouquet/arrangement to the one chosen on our website/in our branded flower shop. Our company provides a guarantee that recipient will see exactly the same item that the client had ordered ordered, and not a cheaper or available copy.

“AMF” auto­vehicle pool in Moscow alone consists of 50 units. Those specialized vehicles are equipped with the climate­control system and facilities for carrying flowers in the upright position in water.

Flower delivery includes 1100 Russian towns and 195 countries worldwide. Our network keeps gradually expanding and increases the number of partner flower shops who work in accordance with the highest standards of excellence.

You can order flowers 24 hours 7 days a week.

Flowers are delivered in Moscow within around 4 hours, in St. Petersburg – within not less than 2 hours, in other Russian towns or worldwide – within approximately 1 day.

You can buy flowers in our branded flower shop in Moscow and St. Petersburg with our profound florists’ assist. Besides, you can order flower delivery on our website or simply calling us 24 hours 7 days a week.

All “AMF” employees, from call center operators and florists to drivers and couriers, have the skills and, which is more important, desire to carry out each order each order within the required time in the clients’ demands.

Our employees speak all major languages. Therefore, it is as easy to make an order in Moscow and St. Petersburg as in any other town or some foreign countries.

Company guest book exceeds 40,000 posts.

Our network is represented by lots of flower shops in different regions, which allows to make the bouquets/arrangements close to the destination. Due to that reason, we are able to accurately keep the charm of wonderful fresh flowers and deliver them in shorter time.

“AMF” company operates on a market where clients desire to please and rejoice their nearest & dearest. In order to maintain its leading position, the international delivery network specified several operating rules:

  • Each client’s desires are unique. We must identify all requests and offer the best solution.
  • Each client’s purpose is unique. We must find the flowers that would perfectly fit to every particular occasion.
  • Each recipient’s emotions are unique. We must deliver not just the ordered flowers, but the mood which is the reason for such order.

Despite a large number of clients & order worldwide, all “AMF” employees stick to those rules and do their best to achieve the most comfortable and efficient interaction. For example, we remind a customer of an important date, so that he could prepare for the compliments.

“AMF” company employs only the staff who love their work and enjoy the fact make other people happy.